This website offers you a deep analysis our legal and financial systems, and provides the tools needed in a future world of liberty and prosperity.

This particular website not only introduces the first enforcement framework for decentralized legal applications, it also provides the structure for a world governed by private Decentralized Law. A lot of study has gone into this system, but implementation is relatively simple. There is now an elegant merger of the digital and the legal worlds.

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Wesley Thysse Msc.

Wesley started his career in finance. He worked as a project controller at Multi Real Estate, a large developer of iconic shopping malls in Europe. He later settled in Dubai where, as a corporate service provider, he assisted entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals with international tax planning and legal structuring.

In 2014, he moved to Asia and started a small consultancy firm. He has since helped 100’s of SME’s, digital nomads, bitcoin investors and HNW-individuals with international tax and regulatory challenges.

In 2016, he created the world’s most visited website on transfer pricing (the latest hot topic in international tax law). He also co-wrote a text book for students and a training course on the topic. The website and educational material is published by boutique tax law firm Thysse de Lange Limited, of which he is the Managing Partner.

In 2017, he started researching the decentralized legal projects, and realized that most of them miss a link to the real world. He set out to merge technology with law and the results you can see on this website.

Wesley holds a Msc. degree in Management from the University of Greenwich, London.

Wesley is student of history, law, economics, finance and philosophy. He likes to surf, is a high-level salsa and latin dancer, plays guitar and is learning the piano. He practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He travels frequently, and has visited over 70 countries,

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If you are working on a project focusing on the cross-roads of (tax) law and decentralized/blockchain technologies, and need the support of someone who is at the forefront of creating an entire new discipline, feel free to contact me.

Indicative prices:

Standard Skype/Zoom Consult: 500 USD
Whitepaper review: 1.500 USD
Research/management/advisory: 250 USD/Hour
Presentations: per request

Payment methods: bank, BTC, ETH, LTC, (ask me about other currencies).


I am available for interviews, podcasts, and guest articles.

I do not allow 3rd party content on any of my sites.