Achieve Freedom and Financial Security in Times of Economic Turmoil…

If you wish to separate your faith from out of control central banks and governments, then this article is of interest. It explains how you can survive and thrive now that economic times are shifting.

Key takeaways:

  • The world is paralyzed with fear. Those with a cool head and a plan ensure their safety.
  • Governments and Central Banks are out of control. People are re-evaluating what money is.
  • Crypto-currencies are going to play a bigger role in the future.


My name is Wesley. With my research for Decentralized Law and by owning a tax law firm, I have learned a great deal about “the system” and interesting ways to minimize its impact on my life.

Moreover, I have implemented a lean lifstyle. Since the crisis began; I work normally, my businesses are stable and in some areas increasing, and my investments remained solid and with massive upside potential. I was able to cut overhead costs to almost zero. Yes, I am a bit bored sitting in lock-down, but my immediate financial risk is next to nothing.

I understand when people worry about their health or financial situation. This is normal. Yet, I think that looking outside of the current paradigm can have massive impact on your life.

This is Not New

I have seen this before. In countries I visited this already happened (Greece, Argentina, Lebanon). Individuals much smarter than me have come up long ago with tactics to protect themselves from this turmoil…

Since 2012 I have been full-time submerged in financial and tax legislation. I understand exactly what will happen next. Governments are not just spending like drunken sailors. They’ll also try ensure you’ll pay their bills, chaining everybody to the dying financial system. The current road leads to massive devaluation of money and defaults on debts. There are many areas of the economy you really want to stay away from, right now…

Do You Care?

For those who care, I am working on a road-map to a life of radical freedom. Explained in plain language. A selection of powerful insider tactics I have advised 100s of clients on.

I am creating a five part course. It is divided into five sections. Each discussing essential tools and resources you can use to increase your freedom.

Section 1 provides you with the right mindset. Become truly different from the crowd. Train yourself to see the world as it is, not as it is told in the mainstream media. Our current education systems have prepared you for a job that might not exist in 5 years time. You need different tools to deal with our future world.

Section 2 discusses life design and various tactics you can apply to increase your resilience, such as living lean and flexible, covering your living expenses with passive income, where to focus your attention to thrive during times of crisis, diversifying your income streams in multiple currencies and countries.

Section 3 examines the legal tactics you can employ to reduce the impact of taxes and regulations on your life. We discuss standard deductions available to all, but also moving to a low tax district or country, exchanging your work, and ensuring different kinds of income streams (not all income is taxed equally).

Section 4 tells you how to keep what you own. There are assets that do well to preserve your wealth in times of depression, such as gold, and certain stocks. Others are massively risky (even though widely invested in). There are also investments with massive upwards potential in the near future. It also explains how you should go about acquiring these kinds of assets; and keep them under your control.

Section 5 unveils how to build a crypto-currency business. Crypto-currencies are the future and the only way to really build an income stream you fully control. But the technology is still in its early stages and beginners should be aware. It explains how to start accepting them, how to build an online store, deal with the (basic) accounting and tax implications, how to store your profits securely, + the benefits/downsides, and what currencies to use…

Do you like this offer?

This is an unique opportunity. You can transform a moment of widespread despair into radical freedom and prosperity for you.

The world is changing before our eyes, whether you like it or not. Let’s change with it for the better!

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